758 My mother had a friend named Florence. She was nutty as a fruitcake.

I don’t want to tell Italy what to do but if you’re going to have a church every 10 feet and you feel it’s your responsibility to gong out every hour and follow it up with a song maybe you should get off the 24 hour clock.
Come 21 o’clock you just want to go shoot a priest.

Today was another good day. We walked our feet off, shopped, paid way too much for something we aren’t sure we’ll know how to work when we get home and just loved being together.

I have decided that there are 2 themes for this trip. Photos of everything we eat for my friend Susan and pictures of my sister standing next to strange men.
The second part is not easy. Unless the men embrace it Marcia immediately runs away.
When that happens I threaten her by saying that since she didn’t like that guy, the next guy I approach will be worse so she’d better stop fighting me.

I admit on occasion it doesn’t go exactly as I’d like. This afternoon I instructed Marcia to stand with these two young men with their cameras and I stepped back to get a shot of it.
The men started screaming at me in italian that I was in the way of the photo they were trying to take of their girlfriends.

I couldn’t have cared less but Marcia was halfway down the block in about a minute.

I had to punish her by making her pose with the two toothed guy that sold magnets. As an extra special treat I picked up a nice magnetic statue of David, a prestigious item on anyone’s refrigerator.

Marcia has a very important job also. She is our mouthpiece. It seems that when we checked in we had a bit of trouble getting internet and I might have gotten a bit too graphic in telling the desk clerk what he was missing in the brains department.

Needless to say any questions we have must come from the sweet sister.

Well it’s about a quarter to 19. Gotta get dressed for dinner.

While I hid behind a pole Marcia got a recommendation from the desk clerk for a wonderful restaurant.

If he didn’t spot me it should really be good..

4 thoughts on “758 My mother had a friend named Florence. She was nutty as a fruitcake.

  1. I can’t wait to see you and Marcia! What time are you getting to Venice? I passed by the hotel tonight on our “Murder and Mystery” walking tour. Now we are enjoying a glass of vino next to the Rialto. Ciao Bella!

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