759. And then came Liz

As some of you know my sister Marcia and her husband Paul lost their dog, Tony just before she came on this trip.
They were looking for a new rescue dog to keep their remaining dog company.
Marcia, feeling a bit guilty for going to Italy told Paul that he needn’t wait for her to come home before getting a new dog. If he found one he liked he should just get it.
The other night on the phone he told her that he found the perfect dog. He called the woman who was giving it away and even though the dog would cost $550 he knew that that was the dog for him since I’m guessing mutts were very rare in the state of New York.
The woman lives in Arkansas and as my sister says played Paul like a fiddle.
Paul told her “She said she just moved to Arkansas and it was so great to finally speak to an intelligent person”

Although I have no right to give marital advice I asked Marcia why didn’t she tell him that he was being taken?
She said because it was on the phone and I’m in Italy.

“Gotcha” I said, “Why cut off his balls if you aren’t there to see it.

Back to me. Here’s why people should use travel agents.

She, Eva, picked fabulous hotels with luxurious rooms, centrally located at a reasonable price.
I chose the hotel in Venice myself because it had wonderful memories for me. It was not too far from the Piazza San Marco and had charm.

Let me tell you what “not too far” means to knees that are almost 40 years older than the last time I made that trip.
Try dragging 2 suitcases and a breathing machine over a bunch of bridges without screaming in pain.
And charm? Me I find air conditioning charming and rooms that when you open the windows don’t allow every bug that ever made its home in a canal in to take a bite out of you.
And to add insult to injury, at my suggestion, Miss Liz made a reservation in the same hotel so we could spend the day together.
Marcia and I were so happy to see her this morning. And leave it to her not to make a peep when she saw her room.
We all went out to experience Venice together. We kept saying how happy we were.
We shopped and had lunch by the canal.
Now we’re all having a nap until cocktail time when we’ll paint the town red.

Tomorrow home. Can’t wait to kiss Elvis.

One thought on “759. And then came Liz

  1. We were in Venice 6 years ago and hauled suitcases along canal walks and bridges from where the water taxi dropped us of to our hotel. Took the bus to the airport for the trip home. Much cheaper and a much shorter haul 🙂 Enjoy your last evening in Venice. I have no doubt the three of you will leave your mark! Safe travels home.

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