766. Yahoo Travel, the saga continues

So I’m doing this stuff for Yahoo Travel. It’s really fun. I’ve been hearing from all kinds of people and I like that. And I love the website. There is an article about any possible thing you may want to do.

 There is one little thing I never thought about when I signed up. They expect me to go places.

 It’s not like I have such a busy life. I can get away. But they obviously haven’t been reading this blog if they think they have some kind of Lewis and Clark on their hands.

 Anyone who reads what I write will learn absolutely nothing about the places I write about except how to look like you’re doing something smart while all your doing is shopping, eating, and complaining about any minor discomfort.

 Yesterday they asked me if Marcia and I were interested in going to Capri.

Actually that sounds really good but Marcia can’t go anyplace until her puppy gets house broken, you know, the one from Arkansas. I’m not sure they’ll want to stop the presses for that.

 Anyway my next planned trip will be to Santa Fe to visit Liz. I’m hoping David will go when I go because as you all know, he always delivers and I can do a whole article on going to a gun store with that jerk.

 Speaking of David, he and I had dinner last night. When I met him downstairs the first thing he said was “What’s wrong with your eyebrows?”

 “I dyed them”

 “It looks like you only dyed half of them. Why would you do that?”

 “I dyed all the hairs that were there so shut up”

 “Okay, I was just saying, it looks stupid”

 “Thanks for nothing, just stop looking at my eyebrows”

 “Kinda hard to do but sure.”

 We went into the restaurant and I explained that these Yahoo people want me to travel.

 He got that superior smirk on his face that he always gets when he thinks he’s saying something smart.

 “What a surprise, they expect a travel writer to travel. Didn’t I tell you that would be the case?”

 “I know, I know. Actually I wouldn’t mind going to Capri. Marcia would like that too.”

 Just then my phone beeped. I look at the message. It was from my Yahoo boss,

 “How does China sound to you?”

 These people are nuts. They’re thinking of sending a woman who can barely walk to Bloomingdales to climb the Great Wall.

 Then I start thinking, do they have pizza in China?

10 thoughts on “766. Yahoo Travel, the saga continues

  1. I’m free for Capri or China if you need a traveling buddy. Seeing as how I’ve read all of your niece Julie’s books, we’re practically related! 😉

  2. Go for it! Who knows you might meet the love of your life in China, then again you might meet someone like David. I guess you should stay home until your eyebrows fade.

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