768. Gwyneth, I feel for you. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea either.

Since I’ve been on Yahoo Travel more people are following my blog.

Every day I get an email or two saying someone else will be notified each time I post. These emails scare the shit out of me. I am never happy when one comes.

When I first started my blog the only people that read it knew me. After awhile my niece Julie Klam who has a huge following tweeted about me and I got more followers, all of them loved Julie and therefore looked kindly on me. The same thing happened when Tammy Gordon from AARP noticed me and told her followers about it. They were people in the same place in life as I was and they too were encouraging. After Gail Dosik AKA @thetoughcookie came upon me, I think from Julie, I got loads of people who bake in my corner. You can’t be a baker and be a meanie.

I know this is boring but bear with me.

Now these people who think I’m a world traveler are reading my stuff and they expect me to have something valuable to say.  You people who have been with me for a long time know the lame crap I can go on and on about. They are bound to be disappointed and when they are disappointed they can get mean.

Julie told me not to read the comments on my Yahoo Travel piece. I made the mistake of ignoring her, something I won’t do again. One person said I got dumped because I’m dumpy. Another called me an ugly American. Listen, I never pretended I was comfortable in foreign lands. I’m a person who loves the familiar but I’m excited that I’ve gotten so much braver since I’m on my own and I’m pushing myself in ways that I never thought I could and yes, no one could ever mistake me for anyone but an American, to be more specific a New Yorker.

It’s been three years since I stood at my stove making my husband dave eggs when he shocked me by saying I’m in love with a Japanese woman”.

I thought my life was over then. I’m surprised that that wasn’t the case. In fact it’s been better than ever, certainly more exciting, and I have this blog to thank.

Here’s something that will enrage all the people that love me. Even after three years when I finish a post I always hope that dave will read it. At first so he knew how much he hurt me and now so he knows how well I’m doing.

Also I want him to go fuck himself.

24 thoughts on “768. Gwyneth, I feel for you. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea either.

  1. We may have been directed here because of someone we follow (Gail and thank goodness) but we keep coming here because we love you (bold, underline, itallics) and soak up everything you have to say with big smile and more often than not, lots of laughs.
    P.S. Totally understand your last para…the best revenge is having been able to move on and be happy.

  2. You have “made a Silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear”, Mattie and I was referred to your blog by Randy Brecker. You go for whatever you want, you
    rock, Mattie!

  3. Those nasty people are Internet trolls who hide behind anonymity. You get so many positive comments, so appreciate those and don’t pay the trolls no mind. And keep the good stuff coming! Liz xoxo

  4. Furthermore, you are not the Ugly American when we travel. You are so nice to everyone, especially the waiters, everyone of whom you love and try to kiss.

  5. I was referred to you by Gail, too. One of the things I love about your blog is that you do not write to get an audience nor to please anyone. The courage and healing you mention comes from writing what you feel and that’s another thing I love. I too, hope dave reads your blog!

  6. Dear Mattie, ya know what? I want the meaners to go fuck themselves, too. Trolls, as one of your friends has already said. It’s rare that I will refer to anyone as being a loser, but the mean Yahoo traveler commentors are LOSERS. Poor empty souls.

    I love your blog, your writing and wit. You are an inspiration to me (and many others). Keep it coming!

    Huge hugs coming your way, from N. Florida.

  7. I wouldn’t fuck em. They don’t deserve it.
    37th Anniversary Eight years ago my husband wined and dined me took me to a resort prepared with Wine chilling, flowers and fresh fruits and cheeses. Took me to bed and did things he hadn’t done in years. I awoke the next morning thinking my marriage has entered a new phase..The husband was in the suite living room so I went to find him. He asked if I had enjoyed myself. I smiled demurely and said. Yes. He glared and me and said that was good. He was 60 and too old for sex so that would be the last time and walked out. And it was. True story so as you can see it could be worse.
    So the Moral of the story is move on and just keep moving. You are doing fine.

  8. You are so dang fearless. Julie raved about you for years, and now I get to hear from you directly, sort of. xo

  9. As for the type of followers you have, from what I’ve read on comments, you’re blessed with a whole bunch of nice people!!! I think your hilarious because you say what I’m thinking and now I don’t have to! I have three ex husbands I’d like to say that to. Wait…ones passed ..now two…but at my sixtieth birthday I married #4…so there’s time. You make me smile….

  10. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but it was early in your career and I’ve enjoyed every one. It makes my day, when I see “67anddumped.com” in my email. Regardless of the topic, including Elvis, you make me happy. It’s wonderful to read that you have written yourself to where you are.

  11. We all love you, mattie, especially those of us who really know you!! you’ve always been the funniest person i know, except for marcia’s husband who’s equally funny!!

  12. Ignore the trolls. Their lives are sad and meaningless and pathetic. You have so much more!

    You know you’ll truly be over the hump when you don’t care if dave fucks himself or not…that’s the hardest hurdle (I may have some experience in this area).

    I do think this blog needs more Elvis though. I’m just sayin’…it’s been a while. 🙂

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