769. Intellectual pursuits, that’s my forte.

David is always sending out group emails to me and all his right wing whacko friends.  They consist of either racially insensitive jokes or some “absolute proof” that President Obama is solely responsible for the downfall of the economy. Come to think of it the two are usually one and the same.

There’s always some feedback from his nitwits. I used to respond but since my arguments were never greeted with anything but insults now the most I do is put down their mothers or tell them to shut their pie holes.

Last night David and I were having cocktails when I referred to an email that Liz had sent us with an article from the New York Times or as David refers to it “The Communist Manifesto” , declaring that the issue of human-induced climate change had “moved firmly into
the present,” a major study found that water shortages, torrential rains, heat waves and wildfires were worsening.

“How come you didn’t send that information around to your dopes?”

“Because there is no proof that global warming exists.”

“Do you want to know why you’re stupid, David?” I didn’t wait for an answer because why wouldn’t he want that information? “Because you are closed minded. You never openself to the opposing point of view so you’ll never grow”

Do I know how to get under his skin or do I know how to get under his skin? But that didn’t stop him from responding.

“I don’t open my mind to your point of view because you get your information…. hell I don’t know where you get your information. I’ve never seen you read anything but “People”. Did one of the Kardashians tell you that global warming is a fact?”

I was able to counter his assault with the time honored “Sticks and stones” thing.

It was about 7:30 by then so he responded with “Do you want go to that italian restaurant that Graham and I went to the other night?”


10 thoughts on “769. Intellectual pursuits, that’s my forte.

  1. Well played! I love how when you write about people in your life, you don’t give lengthy details on who they are. Sometimes I want to know more, but this way I feel like I’m in the know and explanations of who’s who aren’t required. I’m so thankful I found your blog through Julie!

    • David is my next door neighbor and my friend Liz’ fiance. He’s the worst person in the world but he’s very good to me and I love him. It’s like having a cobra for a friend.

  2. I am convinced that right wing wackos are born with closed ear canals. They never hear reason, just loud noise from the right. “So’s your MOTHER.” is probably the best response. It does push their buttons and makes them even more incoherent.

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