777.Elvis is not a nice cat.

Well I’m almost ready to leave Elvis alone overnight again since I’m going to Montauk.

I have arranged for my super’s son to come in tonight and tomorrow morning. After I spoke to him yesterday, his name is Anthony, and he’s the sweetest kid I ever met, he comforted me by saying he wouldn’t just feed Elvis, he’d hang with him.

Elvis being very social will appreciate that.

To show my gratitude I assured Anthony that if he wants to bring his girlfriend with him and smoke pot and drink that would be A-OK with me.

I’m sure he won’t be having sex because he’s 17 and that’s way too young to think about that.

I slept easy last night knowing that I had set up everything to perfection. Even if Anthony lets me down, which he won’t, I’ve left enough food and water around for a week.

I had the feeling that Elvis knew I was leaving though. He’s been giving me the side eye all morning and now he’s pretending to be asleep but I know he’s just planning a way to fuck up my trip. He’ll vomit or say “Meow” or something.

I just can’t get a break.

6 thoughts on “777.Elvis is not a nice cat.

  1. I’m enjoying your acerbic wit. Being around the same age, I can fully appreciate your feelings about life and your putting a very entertaining spin on it.

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