781. Dog Day Afternoon

My most recent anxiety stemmed from whether Raymond will get along with Stephanie’s dogs.

I had a few clues that that wouldn’t be the case because when I walk him and another dog passes he flies through the air snarling at that dog. Only the leash keeps him from doing twenty to life.

Another thing about going to Steph’s is that Ray doesn’t particularly like me. Maybe that’s a bit too strong. He doesn’t dislike me, I’m just not number one on his list. I’m afraid that if I let him out at her house he won’t come back to me.

It wasn’t a promising start. When we got to the garage he didn’t want to get in the car and he cried the whole way up.

I was talking to my sister telling her that he doesn’t seem like a happy dog. I feel like he’s always waiting for me to take him home. I was a case worker in the South Bronx for many years and I know that even kids that were ignored or abused still preferred their own homes to the best foster care.

Marcia said maybe I just got a dog that keeps muttering “Woe is me”. That just could be his way.

I just wanted him to bond to me.

We got to Steph’s and I let him out of the car. I could go over how the dogs sniffed each other and even growled but eventually played together and it’s true but I don’t want to get another comment from David saying how boring I’m getting.

I will say this though. When it was time to leave Raymond ran ahead of me and jumped in the car.

I guess he knows I’m his after all.

6 thoughts on “781. Dog Day Afternoon

  1. What a handsome gentleman, I assume he’s a gentleman, you’ve allowed into your life! Welcome to the blog Col. Parker 😊

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