780. Kind of Blue

Being a single mother isn’t easy. If I had a husband like that Duggar dame I wouldn’t complain about having too many kids but me alone and with 2 different species, that’s no picnic.

One guy wants to get on the bed, the other guy says something to the tune of “Try it and you’ll have only one buggy eye instead of two”.

They eventually both do hop up but they stay as far from each other as possible. Oh why can’t they act like brothers???


In addition to this I’m a working mother. At twenty five cents a word I’ve got to spit out the equivalent word count of the Declaration of Independence once a month just to afford the band aids that I have to put on number one son’s emphasis points on my arms.

Today I sent in my first payment request. It  came back 3 times. I’m beginning to think it’s some kind of scam.

Now that I think of it, I’ve never been to a Yahoo. Do I know for a fact that there’s really any such thing? Just askin’

It finally went through. Maybe Yahoo does exist.

Last night I had sleep over company. Julie and Violet and Violet’s friend Janelle were my guests.

While we awaited Janelle’s arrival I noticed that Violet had brought her record player and LP’s with her.

All I gotta say is that when I was 10 the only music I listened to was the music of the day, Frankie Avalon, Elvis etc.

I know that Violet marches to her own drummer but I figured the chance of two of them being that odd were almost nil so in an effort to save her from some heartbreak,  I posed the following:

“Say Vi, do you think that Janelle will enjoy listening to Miles and Thelonious Monk?”

She didn’t even look up. “She will by the end of the visit.”

I was wondering if I was ever that confident. I was never a trend setter. I always wanted to fit in.

I still remember when I was in the sixth grade and my friend and I got the same shirts. My friend was built like Bridget Bardot and I was still wearing undershirts in the shape of bras.

Luckily I had sisters. They advised me to pick another girl to twin up with if I was going out in public.

I know you think that was harsh but though I may have been a joiner  I was also smart. I immediately saw the reality in that and never wore that shirt again.

In case you’re interested both girls were listening to Monk and Miles well into the night.

Never in a million years would I have hung out with those two dorks when I was their age.


4 thoughts on “780. Kind of Blue

  1. I think it’s awesome that Raymond and Elvis even share the bed together! I’m sure in time they will be the best of buds though sibling rivalry will always make an appearance 🙂 Violet sounds wonderfully self-assured which is lovely. I’m really impressed with her choice of graduation gift and her taste in music.

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