813. The Style Section

I consider this blog a chronicle of my life. I’ve written about my ups and downs, my family and friends. I’ve gotten political. I’ve discussed the arts.  How many times have I talked about the Real Housewives?

Sadly I”ve had to write some Obituaries.

I’ve done local and international news (remember the slut from Japan who stole my husband?)

Why don’t I just say it? I’ve been writing the New York Times of Mattie.

So as the title says, here is my first Style Section.

It’s Fall and the weather is starting to get snippy.  I suggest a medium blend sweater to fight off the chill but still give plenty of movement.


We still have warmer days that don’t warrant a sweater but due to inclement weather may scream a light jacket to keep one dry.


Then comes Winter. It’s time for the big guns. A fleece lined down jacket should do the trick.



As you can see, dealing with the changes in weather shouldn’t have to include a lack of style.

And don’t write to me about the pink thing sticking out of the model’s pee pee in the first picture. He was nervous because he thought the bold pattern made him look fat.


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