816. No heroes in this house

Liz is back from Santa Fe for awhile and she’s brought Rupert with her.

For those of you who don’t remember Rupe,  he’s the beautiful redhead in the carriage that Liz and I shared for most of his life. He’s spent the last 3 years living in Santa Fe and we did miss him.

Well he’s back for a visit. Upon hearing that Lizzie was bringing him I was a little worried.

When I walk Ray on the street he tries to attack every dog we pass. Rupert is 16 years old and will have no defenses against Ray who’s a tough little guy.

I could have put my mind at rest.

Rupert saw Ray and limped over towards him with  his little tail wagging. Rupe has arthritis, hence the limping.

As soon as Ray saw him he jumped up on David’s chair and shook like he was doing “The Twist”.

It reminded me of when Elvis lived here. Ray pretended he simply didn’t exist. As I said then, he couldn’t have picked Elvis out of a line up. The same is true of Rupert.

Rupert is constantly following Ray around the house wagging his little tail and Ray is pretending to examine his nails, whistling.

He sits by the door staring straight ahead or in any direction that Rupe isn’t.

by the doorRupe won’t give up. He knows that if Ray would just look at him they’d be fast friends.

lookin at ray

So far no luck.

pretending rupe isn't there

I’m going to Brooklyn today to buy Kosher food for my nephew and his kids that are coming to visit me from Israel.
I think I’ll stop in a pet store and see if I can buy my dog a backbone.

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