824. Boring but necessary

I’ve been getting comments recently that show that not everyone knows who’s who that I’m writing about.

For those of you who are relatively new to my blog and either haven’t read it from the beginning (which is stupid because you’re missing some of my best stuff) or just forgot what they read(still stupid), I’ve decided to list the people I write about most and state their relationship to me.

I know this is a good idea because I consider it a teaching mechanism which enables me to list “educator” in my bio.

Some of you only see me as the strong, clever, beautiful, well adjusted and successful darling of a certain age. If you go back and examine the beginning of this tome (it’s a tome) you will be shocked to learn that I was once a whiny, angry, sobbing noodle of a person. And bitter, did I say bitter?

Here goes, mostly in order of appearance;

1. This would have to be dave, my ex husband. NEVER TO RECEIVE A CAPITAL D

After almost 40 years together, 34 of them married, he up and left me and moved to Japan with…

2. Nameless slut

Never met her so can’t describe her but she’s probably shitty looking.

3. Liz, my close friend and neighbor. She lives across the hall with #4.

Liz and I are closer than neighbors. For 16 years we’ve shared a dog, Rupert, together. She and her fiancé (#4) helped me through very hard times.

For the past few years Liz has been spending a great deal of time in Santa Fe. Her fiancé…..,

4. David goes back and forth to Santa Fe to be with Liz but since he works in NYC much of his time is spent across the hall from me.

David and I have become very close friends. He’s not a nice person but he’s nearby.

He has a CAPITAL D on his name and is NEVER TO BE CONFUSED WITH dave.

5. Susan   My best friend in the world. She is kind and lovely and she has supported me through thick and thin. Plus she knows when I’m dying and when I’m not dying

6. My family ( I have a huge family so I will only name the one’s I write most about.)

a. My sister, Marcia.  The best person in the world.

b. My niece Julie.  She is my BFF. She always makes me feel better.

c. My niece Stephanie. She is my darling girl who is forced to be mean to me if I appear weak because she can’t stand the thought of losing me.  I feel the same way about her but I’m sweet about it.  She always speaks the truth.

I have lots of other relatives that I love just as much but when I write about them I usually specify their relationship to me so I don’t have to list them all. Same with other friends (actually I only have one other friend, Ronnie)

7. Raymond is my 11 year old  dog that I saved from death row. I originally bought him for my cat Elvis but when Elvis died he became mine.

So that’s the gist of it.

So if one more of you nitwits asks me why my ex husband lives across the hall from me it won’t be pretty.

2 thoughts on “824. Boring but necessary

  1. Oh, Mattie, you never fail to bring a smile to my face. Being a “48 and dumped” myself, I have read the whole blog, and loved it. I wish I lived closer than Canada – I have a feeling we would get on swimmingly. Keep on, lady. You are a gem!

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