837. I’m having a good day

Ray is ecstatic. My sister Marcia is visiting . He’s so in love with her that he follows her all over the house.

Follow Mar.

nag narc(If you notice my sister is wearing wool socks in my house because the terrace door is open and she’s freezing.)

I will admit that he’s guilty of acting out and showing off around her.

be bad

I’m having fun too. but I know how to behave when there’s company. I entertain.

All last night we watched the video over and over of Paul Simon  singing “Late In The Evening” with Steve Gadd playing great and looking hot and the sweet smile of the late Richard Tee bringing tears to my eyes. The joy they all had playing together was great to see.

I guess I have to thank my ex husband dave. Without him I wouldn’t know all these wonderful musicians, some of whom still talk to me.

I was lucky to be around to witness so many beautiful musical moments. For example, in the 70’s dave’s band played at The Five Spot which was the quintessential jazz club of the time. Musicians from all over town would come to see them.

One night I was sitting with the band during a break when one of them noticed a pretty girl cello player. She was sitting with some friends and she happened to have her legs spread apart while she was talking to them.

The sax player in dave’s band looked over and mumbled thoughtfully, “So that’s what it looks like without the cello.”

Maybe that doesn’t count as a major musical moment but who am I?  Tolstoy?

4 thoughts on “837. I’m having a good day

  1. Ray does indeed seem enamoured of your sister! Dogs, I believe, have excellent judgement. Marcia must be a good soul. 🙂

    Thank you for the video link. Did you have the opportunity to see the late Richard Tee in concert? If so, I am immensely jealous! What a great bunch of musicians.

    And while david may have turned out to be a PITA (and in the heart as well), you are richer for having had the experiences (i.e. met the musical people) you did while you were with him. Wasn’t it Rose Kennedy who said that “birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them”?

    Being “48 and dumped” myself, I find the sweetest moments of revenge come while living a happy, satisfied life in spite of it all. And I have a feeling you have found this as well.

    I do so enjoy your blog! Thank you.

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