836. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

I was on my computer today voting on the TMZ Poll, as I do most mornings, trying, as the people say, to make my vote count.

For example, to the question “Who was better off, Mariah or Nick?”, I didn’t just pick the one I liked better but I really weighed the two.

Mariah would always be successful but Nick got much further in show business by being married to Mariah so I had to pick Nick.

And whether Bieber and Selena were a good match or should move on? A no brainer, move on.

I think it was the self satisfied feeling I got in completing the poll that made me stop and think.

I might be dumb.

All my life the people close to me have always said that they couldn’t believe the TV shows I watch and the books I read because I’m so smart.

My friend Liz, at her own expense, put a smart people’s book on my Kindle because she was convinced that once I got a taste of something of quality I’d realize that I’m wasting my time reading mysteries and People magazine.

I read the book, well half of it, because I was bored shitless.

And David suggested that I watch “TheRoosevelts” because…. I don’t know why. He’s always calling me a half wit so I really should have left him out of this.

(I actually did watch the part about Eleanor but when they moved on to the rest of the family I quickly changed the channel to “Mob Wives” to ‘clean my palate’.)

Anyway I’ve always accepted the smart label because who wouldn’t?

But when the facts are examined, I never did that well in school, I certainly didn’t make much of myself. I don’t watch “Love and Hip Hop” ironically. I really get steamed at those people.

It’s hard to reevaluate your life at 71. To realize that you aren’t the person you always thought you were takes some real deep thinking.

Fortunately I’m too dumb for that so I’ll just shrug my shoulders and see what’s on “Gossip Cop”

5 thoughts on “836. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

  1. Might I suggest NetFlix’s wonderful House of Cards? It’s so wild and evil you can’t help feeling it’s a NPR Documentary on Washington rather than entertainment! Then watch the original British version so you’ll feel smarter 😊

  2. Mattie,
    I’m playing catch up with your blogs. I love them all but this one made me feel sad. There is nothing bad or wrong with you or the way you think or entertain yourself or who you choose to like or love. You are unique. So you like mysteries, romance, and pop culture. On the other hand, you are street smart (that comes from living in NYC) but just as sweet and giving whenever you want. It’s your prerogative. I read all those nutty self help books to find out what is wrong with me or why I haven’t been more successful or why I am always late or cluttered, or, or, or, or…..So what! I have learned that if you keep looking back, which doesn’t serve you, you are still moving forward with your head turned around. Live now, look forward but not too far and create and enjoy! That’s what we’re ultimately here for. What else could it possibly be? Plus, I’ll be there June 13, working of course but am staying the week till my gig in Lancaster the following Saturday. We’ll hang…..

  3. Oh by the way…House of Cards….YES! Also, The Boss w/ Kelsey Grammar
    Love Netflix!!!! We have turned into binge watchers. It’s sick!

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