835. Marie Curie got nuthin on me

I’m a bit of a scientist.

I leave my terrace door open every night because I don’t want my dog to have one moment of discomfort. If he has to “you know what” while I’m sleeping I want him to be able to do it.

But since it’s been really cold, 10 degrees,  don’t ask how cold my apartment is, I started thinking.

What if he sleeps through the night and I’m freezing my ass off for nothing? Hence my experiment.

I closed the terrace door. Ray and I went to bed at our usual time. But I kept waking up every few hours to see if he left the room. Nope he didn’t.

in bed



That is until at 4 a.m. He crawled out from under the covers, stretched and jumped off the bed.

I quietly followed him. He slowly walked into the living room and stood in front of the closed door with a puzzled look on his face.

puzzled 1

I ran over and opened the door and he went out, did his business and came back. He also paused at his empty bowl so I put some food in it. He ate and we went back to bed and slept til 8.

I could have waited another night because there were clues left that would have permitted me a decent night’s sleep



Oh yes and

Je Suis Charlie

5 thoughts on “835. Marie Curie got nuthin on me

  1. Dearest mattie,

    Whew..Hello from North Carolina…

    I say Whew (is that a real word?) because I have just finished BINGE READING your fabulous blog..when I say binge..I mean binge, to act obsessive, to ignore husband, son, and pets. For example: “No Perry, (12 yr old son) dinner is not ready..it may NEVER be ready until I finish this blog, now go away mommy is busy…
    How did I found you? No earthly idea, but you have filled my last few days with giggles, laughter and very unbecoming snorting of some kind. I have also cried when you lost Elvis..thanks a lot.

    Anyway, Thank you for your bravery, and courage ( I know same thing, but you seem Like a gal that likes compliments) for putting it “out there” so people like me (nobodies) can savor someone like you.

    Have you ever read something by someone and saw an interview with someone and said, “Oh what friends we could be, we would laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh” Ok, that a shitload of laughs, but it’s true and like you, I only write the truth. I would love to have a friend like you Mattie Matthews..how lucky or in the south we say blessed to have a friend or relative like you. I hope you continue your blog, whatever the content..i would sit there with a fixed toothy smile just enjoying every word even if you were writing about salt..I’d say to my friends and say, ” did you read the last blog post Mattie wrote about salt?”…. No… “Well, fuck you, it was great!!”

    In closing, and i apologize that this email was longer then a quip. I’m pretty sure a quip can’t be longer than 2 lines..not exactly sure, but David would know, he knows everything. It was a hatchet.

    I’ve never written a fan letter before and this was my first one. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it.
    Much love,
    Holli Ellis

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