845.This is boring unless you’re buying a new car

People have been suggesting that I get a new car for awhile.

My car is a 2001 Toyota Camry with 120,000 miles on it.

I resisted for a few reasons.

My car is just fine. It’s in good shape and drives well.

I am afraid to spend all that money.

Plus I remember when I got this car. My previous car was also a Camry. I wanted to get a new one because there was no passenger seat air bag and since I was the driver I worried that if there was an accident dave might be seriously injured or killed.

That’s a decision I’d had given more thought to if I could have seen into the future.

My new car was newer but it really wasn’t that different from the one I had before so my new car joy was limited.

My visit to my niece’s house to take care of her animals and the problem I had with my car being stuck made me think that maybe the time had come to  replace it.

I was really nervous. Any time I’ve purchased a new car it was  stressful. dave never took any part in it because as he said whenever he didn’t want to do something “Boys play piano, girls buy cars” or “carry things” or “hang a picture”…..

It had been 15 years since I bought a car so I sought some good advice. I wrote about it on Facebook.

My friend Ronnie said “Bring a man with you.” suggesting that the dealer would make mincemeat of me if I was alone.

I got a message from a friend, Tammy, who works for AARP. She said that AARP has a new auto buying program. She said she’s heard that it’s very good.

I went on to the AARP web site.

They ask you to put in the car you want and the year and the model. Then you put in your zip code.

Almost immediately every dealer within 25 miles of your home sends you a price for that car and whether they have it in stock or not.

It seems this price becomes a guarantee from True Car Quotes that the dealer will honor.

The lowest price I got was from a dealer in New Jersey. For you out of towners, that’s a whole nother state that isn’t New York.

Then I got a million phone calls from the dealers asking when I was coming in. What with the terrible weather I couldn’t set a date so mostly I didn’t pick up.

I did speak to a dealer near my neighborhood but since they were one of the higher quotes I explained that I was sorry but I couldn’t use them.

I was told then that if I brought in that lower True Car Quote they would honor it.

I was so excited. I made an appointment for later that day.

My niece Cheryl who is visiting, wanted to come with me but her reason for being in NYC was to go to her friend’s baby shower which was that day. (I actually think her real reason was to steal my dog, but I’ll tell you about that later)

She told me to tell David that if he’d go with me she’d buy him dinner. She really didn’t want me to go alone.

David agreed but at the last minute he found he had something better to do.

Ask me if Cheryl is mad at him. It didn’t help that because of the snow he didn’t follow his plans but stayed home and had a nap.

I actually didn’t care. I felt totally prepared.

While I was passing time, I decided to go on a live chat with Edmunds.com to answer a few questions I had.

I particularly wanted a rear camera so I asked how much extra that would be.

He, his name was Chase, told me that was standard to the car.

Chase then asked  “What kind of Camry was it? We can price it out to make sure AARP has got you a solid price”

I told him and he said it was a fantastic deal.

I then asked   “Is there anything else I should be wary of?”

His answer ” Yes. The finance department will try to upsell you on extended warranties, paint protectants, etc”

He told me what I should get (nothing) and what I shouldn’t get(everything)

I’ve never felt so prepared for anything in my life. I went off to purchase my car. On my way my brother in law called and said he’d stay by the phone in case I had any questions.

I was glad for his support but he’s just a lounge singer. What could he know about cars?

I had all my ducks in a row when I went into that dealer. And it’s a good thing I did because when I sat in that car I lost all reason.

This car looked and felt like a space ship next to my 2001 car. It was so beautiful. I never wanted anything so much in my life.

If I hadn’t done all that preparation they could have asked me for any price at all and I would have paid it. I was in love.

But I did my homework and had already told them over the phone what I would pay so luckily I was safe.

I  was dealing with a pretty young girl who had just been in the job for a few weeks.

She and I went out in the snow and I drove my dream machine around the block to test it even though it was unnecessary because I was already sold but I knew that my brother in law would ask me how it handled.

I’m picking my new car up on Thursday.

Now as to my niece Cheryl. You all know how much I love her and she certainly watches out for me but she isn’t all peaches and cream.

She has a reputation for being somewhat light fingered.

Which is why when she was packing up to leave and I noticed her suitcase was a little bigger than when she got here.

I opened it up and looked in.

She was definitely leaving with something that wasn’t hers.

suitcase 2

I hope my nephew isn’t mad that I called the cops.



10 thoughts on “845.This is boring unless you’re buying a new car

  1. So very happy for you Mattie! Will you name the new car? What color is it? I feel that your beloved niece, Cheryl, should never be left unattended in your home. And listen, I’ve binge-read your entire blog. I’m glad you’ve reached this happy point in your life. Considering what you’ve been through, it’s a miracle. Love, Jane

  2. Wow, I’m wrong! You don’t need a man to buy a car. You just got to be one smart cookie! Mazel Tov!! I want to take a drive in your car. When are you getting it? What color? Ronnie

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