854. Do or Die

It’s 6 a.m.

I’m getting ready to go pick up Julie and take  her to Housing Court.

We’ve got to play this just right.

Sure, our case is strong but we have to leave no stone unturned.

In case the judge is on the old side it’ll be up to me to lure him to decide in our favor.

It is for that reason I’ve decided to show a little skin.

Which is why I’m wearing the sweater with the hole in the shoulder.

I’m still wondering if it would be overkill to put on my peddle pushers. You know how gentlemen love a bit of leg.

Nah, we want him to have it together enough to say “Not guilty, you’re free to go.”

Now if it’s the judge we saw last time, he’s on the south side of 40. It’ll be Julie’s show.

I will tell her to forget the lecture I gave her many years ago about just because a guy wants to feel you up that doesn’t mean you have to let him.

Her reponse then, “Aunt Mattie, I’m only 10” won’t cut it now. She ain’t 10 anymore and a stretch in the slammer won’t do that pretty face any good.

Gotta walk the dog.

We’ll catch up later.

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