860. No good deed

My nephew Terry is going to fix up my terrace so that it looks beautiful all year round with lots of evergreens.

I’m so excited about this but since I am not sane I am also suffering terribly.

I am so afraid that I am taking advantage of  him plus I am having bad dreams.

Last night I dreamt that he filled the whole thing with cement and turned it into an extra room without windows.

The night before I dreamt that I picked out so many expensive bushes that he had to sell his house because he didn’t want to disappoint me by saying no.

It’s a joy to do something for me, isn’t it?

On another subject, I was having cocktails with David last night. We were planning on going out to dinner.

Usually I drink a white wine very light spritzer but his company calls for something a little stronger so I had vodka.

This did have the unfortunate effect of me hugging and thanking for their service both my doorman and a cop who was giving someone a ticket outside my building. No need to go into that now though.

While David and I were chatting, or I was chatting, I remarked that I don’t have a lot of friends mainly because my closest friends are my family.

In spite of that low friend count I would still consider him one of them.

“Which is remarkable, David, because you are definitely the worst person I actually know”

“That may be true but you may also list me as the most erudite, sophisticated and well read person you know too”

Notice he didn’t argue with the “worst person” part.

I remarked that as far as David’s feelings towards me go I  know that the only times he wants to hang with me is when no one else he knows will play with him.

I’m not proud of that but that’s the way it is. I accept that.

I know people think it’s a one way friendship and in some ways that’s true.

I fix his computer and TV, I pick him up at the hospital, I take him to Costco.

He won’t mind my dog or help me in any way but I think that if I really needed him he’d be there.

Here’s the lousiest thing that dave did by leaving me.

For 40 years I counted on him, now I have to depend on a racist, nazi loving, gun carrying, right wing Republican in my times of trouble.

I said as much to David after my second cocktail and before the cop hugging.

He tried his best to comfort me.

“Don’t worry, if I didn’t hear from you for a week or two I’d call the super and suggest that he might want to look in on 18A.

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