861. Friendship

My friend Susan, actually my best friend, called me this morning and said that I had given the wrong impression in yesterday’s blog entry in saying that I had few friends.

“That sounds as if you want more friends which I know you don’t”

Now few people know me as well as Susan does so if she says something I must pay attention.

I reread what I had written. Yep it did suggest that I was open to making contact with new people if given the opportunity.

The fact that I consider a shitty person like David as one of my friends makes one think that I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel because I have no choice.

Let me tell you something, it has to do with proximity.

If  1. David and Liz broke up,

or 2. David moved to the 17th floor. (As you know I live on 18)

I’d drop him like a hot potato and I know he feels the same.

Now this isn’t new for me.

Remember I said that when I was married I never went anyplace unless dave was either busy or in Japan working on his exit plan.

I never had a girl’s night or went out to dinner with a girlfriend unless dave was otherwise occupied.

When dave ran away I did go places but it was not a natural situation for me.

Now that I have someone to replace dave I am content again and the friend door is closed.



There are exceptions.

I love being with anyone in my family. Maybe not everyone. I have a cousin who’s a real prick that I wouldn’t walk across the street to see. (You know who you are and if you don’t the other cousins do.)

I love being with Susan and when she joins us, Ronnie.

I guess that’s it.

I think there’s a girl in my building that I might want to be friends with. This is a combination of proximity and the fact that though she’s always nice when I meet her she clearly has no interest in taking it further.

There are people on Facebook that I really really like but they too are satisfied with leaving that relationship where it is and not moving to the next level and I’m fine with that.

The exception to this is the one who gave me cookies. I’ll let her into my limited circle any time.



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