881. Consider this an ad.

So I put my house on Airbnb.

I wanted to see if it was attractive so I went  on the site as a purchaser. Could I find it?

The answer to that is no. And I know where it is.

Not that it matters because I’m afraid to talk to strangers anyway.

My friend Susan told me that someone she knew was looking for someplace to stay in Montauk. She offered to give me their phone number but when she saw how nervous that made me (how she could see me scrambling under the bed over the phone I’ll never know but we’ve been friends for a long time) she offered to make the call.

So I’m going to put all the facts about my house here where I’m among friends.

It’s an upside down contemporary (this means the bedrooms are on the first floor and the other  sunny stuff is upstairs.)

It has 3 bedrooms. However in the living room I have 2 couches that open up enabling 4 more people to sleep.

One and a half bathrooms but it has an outdoor shower.

It has a lovely deck with a BBQ.

A perfect kitchen with a dishwasher.

A TV, cable and wifi.

I supply all sheets and towels. There is a washer and dryer.

You can walk to the ocean beach. Not that you’d want to because it’s about 6 blocks away and then you have to leap down a cliff.

Right across the street is a petting zoo and horseback riding. They will give you rides on the beach.

Also very nearby is Tennis, Golf, and a pool.

Now the photos.outside



table full

whole room


LR 2




red room


Plus there’s a piano and I allow dogs if they’re good looking.

I’m charging $750 a night which sounds like a lot until you realize that you can squeeze 10 people in there.

Pretty nice huh?

If any of youse are interested let me know and I’ll have Susan call you.

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