882. Shades of Embarrassment

So what’s new with me?

Nuthin’ much. Oh wait, I saw “Gone Girl” last night. It was pretty good, not the least reason because you get to see a real wiener.

For some reason I just thought about something from my past that still gives me the willies.

When I was in high school I was dating a singer who was in a rock and roll group. Dating is a little strong. I got him to come to my house once with the other guys on his way back from a gig.

His name was Dennis Minogue (he later changed it to Terry Cashman and wrote “Sunday Will Never Be The Same”) I loved him then and I love  him now. He was absolutely the hippest person I ever dated.

My parents were having a card game that night and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to have the group come into the den and sing for them.

They  sang “Hey Senorita” a cappella while my parents, my Aunt Bertie and Uncle Jerry, my Aunt Rose and Uncle Moish and my Uncle Louie and Aunt Ray sat there  and watched them, just holding their card as they were with uncomfortable smiles on their faces.

As soon as the guys started singing I knew it was a terrible idea but I just had to sit there until the song was finished. For some reason, the most embarrassing part of this was the applause. May parents and my aunts and uncles all clapped with their cards still in their hands. This made the clapping almost soundless .

We, the guys and I, just backed out of the room.

Now this was not as embarrassing as when I sneezed and farted at the same time in the third grade in Assembly  in front of David Gillis and Richard Sheslow, but I was older and my shame was subtler.

I feel better already. I’m going to go back in my memory book of excruciating moments and include them in future posts.

7 thoughts on “882. Shades of Embarrassment

  1. i had a dylan thomas record which my father loved and played for the card game and they loved it.. they must have smartened up by

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