883. Par-tay

My hair is all cute and I have lipstick on.

David and my down the hall neighbor are coming over for cocktails. I guess we’ll go out to eat after but I’ll have to wait on that.

Now let me tell you how low I’ve sunk socially.

My down the hall neighbor once stopped talking to me for 5 years because I broke an ashtray in her house when I was minding her cat. I”m not allowed to say her name because Liz will hit me.

She’s friendly now because,  I guess she’s lonely, and she’s using my wifi. Plus she has no furniture while she waits to rent out her apartment.

When I  invited David he said he’d come if we sit on the terrace and the dog isn’t a pest.

Good luck on that David, he’s been sitting around the house all day twiddling his paws.

The sad part is that I’m looking forward to this.

I’m thinking that I’m going to have to go back on my rule about not having any new friends.

The terrace looks so great.

My nephew Terry came over this morning to put the finishing touches on the improvements he made on it.

He lives in Connecticut yet he was here at 7 a.m. and he put in a watering system so I don’t have to water my plants.

He wasn’t cranky or anything. He’s Stephanie’s husband and I guess there can only be so much cranky in one house so he probably gave it up for Lent.

I think I’ll have my drink now. It’s always good to have a buzz on when you’re entertaining people who hate you.

5 thoughts on “883. Par-tay

  1. Mattie, you are so lucky because we, your readers, feel as if we have a friend in you. But you don’t have to get to know us up close. Some of us might not have very good manners or have warts, or smell like stinky cheeses. And my animals have NO social skills. So thank you!

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