884. Gripes.

I just have to say that while I was having cocktails with the two people who hate me I got a call from two people who love me.

Carmon DeLeone conductor of Cincinnati Ballet Company and david’s best friend, called and he was in the car with his wife Kathy, who I adore. I miss them so much.

They were going to a James Taylor concert and they would be meeting with someone I also love, Steve Gadd, and Bob Mann and Lew Marini. I loved all of them.

It kind of made up for the fact that I was entertaining people who talked to each other and didn’t talk to me.

I”m drunk so this might not make sense but I’ll read it tomorrow and correct it/

5 thoughts on “884. Gripes.

  1. Good to hear how happy it made you feel hearing from your good friends, I am sure they miss you too and think of you often! Also glad to hear about your very cool state-of-the-art balcony/terrace (it is such a lovely space) and now it sounds great, way to go Terry. Barry & I are looking forward to our up coming (this Friday) trip to the Azores with Steff, Terry, Laura (oops no Mark) The good old sibling trip, this year with the spouses, which will just be me & Terry, it’s gonna be fun. Do you want anything from the Azores?
    Love, T

  2. See? You’re lovely. People who love you are calling you on the phone to say hello. You can choose to spend time with those other people, or not, depending on whatever you feel like doing at that moment.

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