889. On becoming a woman, an old woman.

Someone I knew mentioned that they think they may be peri-menopausal.

I will keep this vague because I am a loyal friend/relative so I’ll only refer this person as he/she.

I know he/she was mentioning this to me in order to give them the information they need i.e. what are the symptoms? Is it something I should dread? How did you deal with it?

I was in a bind. I love he/she and I wanted to help but my particular experience was horrendous. It could be because I was quitting smoking at the same time that I was going through “the change”.

I remember going out to dinner with my sister Iris and my husband dave during that time.

Iris loved to go to a restaurant with dave. First of all because he’d encourage her to order anything she might want and secondly because they both loved to drink.

One time in Montauk he and she (not he/she) had a contest to see who could make the most delicious margarita. They used melons, peaches and anything they could find. I think the bean margarita won but that’s only because they were so drunk that they no longer could taste anything.

I digress. Back to the dinner with Iris and dave. I wasn’t a real drinker then and the two of them were laughing and encouraging me to join in .

All I felt was rage. I wanted to kill them both. I finally just got up and went home leaving those two to their hysterical partying.

Anyone who’s gone through it knows that menopause symptoms always include being hot and then cold so you are in bed throwing the covers on and off all night.

But with the not smoking thing added to it instead of covers on,  covers off , mine was knife out, knife sheathed, knife out knife sheathed.

I couldn’t tell he/she anything since my experience was not the norm. I made up stuff like, you just become more generous and polite.

Oh yes and you may wanna be packing.

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