901 Well he’s gone

sad copy

And someone is very sad.

I took David to the airport this morning at 5 a.m. He bitched about my driving all the way.

“Didn’t you see that man?”

“Don’t drive with the dog on your lap”

“You’re driving with one hand”

First of all I didn’t see that man because as I’ve told him many times I can’t see in the dark.

I had to keep the dog on my lap because he wouldn’t let the dog sit on his lap.

His reason, (say this in a whine)”I don’t want dog hair all over my suit”

I got news for him. He’s sitting in Ray’s regular seat so he has hair all over the back of him.

I drove with one hand because how can you have that little angel on your lap without hugging him.

We got to the airport, hugged and I left.

Did I cry all the way home? Maybe.

But he left me with a long list of duties.

Fill out a change of address card for one.

Plus he left me with about 30 bottles of booze that he insists that I send him in November. Why didn’t he send it with the movers?

“Mattie, I don’t expect you to know this, but most of these bottles are worth hundreds of dollars. The lot of them are worth thousands”. They will get overheated in the moving truck.

At first I was insulted because he’s always insinuating, hell saying, that I am ignorant of the finer things. Like fancy people don’t burp when they drink soda.

But then I gave it some thought. I can’t learn about quality liquor if I never drink it so I decided that I should try one  or two of his bottles. With all of them there he’ll never miss ’em.

Plus I was considerate enough to take one of the old ones because nobody is going to drink port from the 60’s.


Not bad but not great. Maybe it’s the bottle. I saw another one there from 1956. If I mix that one with some seltzer and add a few olives  or a dash of cherry coke it might be better.

6 thoughts on “901 Well he’s gone

  1. Oh Mattie! I’m sending you a long and virtual hug, and the same for Raymond. After reading your previous post on the packing, I’m surprised that David didn’t give you a plane ticket to Texas so you’d be there when the moving truck arrived to help unpack and organize his new place. He is going to be wandering around like a lost puppy down there without you. Once you are finished taste testing all the booze David left behind, have a nap and then get out and do something nice for yourself or call Julie over and toast each other with any leftover liquor before heading someplace for a great dinner together. You can talk about David, that’ll make for a fun evening! He’s already missing you and probably worrying now that the booze will freeze in November between NYC and Texas 🙂

  2. I’m not sure, but you might not be able to ship his liquor to Texas without a special permit. Texas has weird laws RE shipping alcohol — well, I know it does RE shipping wine from out of state (found that out the hard way while on a trip to Napa/Sonoma, LOL). And both FedEx and UPS make you jump through a lot of hoops in order to ship liquor (I don’t think UPS even allows person to person liquor shipments). So you just might have to keep that liquor to yourself, after all. Bummer, huh? 🙂

    Happy drinking!!!

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