911. Long distant friendships.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and no call from Captain Hugh.

This can’t be good. Even if he forgets an occasional Soup Day he never misses the majors. If I don’t hear from him at Christmas I’ll really be sad.

It’s quiet here. Cheryl has gone home and though Lizzie was in town for a few days she is leaving tomorrow.

Last night David and I spent time sharing a phone call while we had a cocktail. Mostly we spoke about President Obama. I got him going by saying I hope he puts through a Presidential order eliminating those repeating guns and tightening gun laws.

Naturally he tells me he can’t wait to get a handgun so he can carry it all over like a schmuck. I hope he shoots his foot off.

He keeps in touch with me because he can’t find anyone in Texas that doesn’t think he’s aces and there’s nothing he likes better than some idealistic banter. Since he and Liz aren’t together any more I’m the only one he knows with any ideals at all.

He is making some friends though. He sent me a photo of some of them.


The women in the picture are all attractive and one of them spent the last 15 years in LA so clearly she still has a brain. I hope he stays away from her and sticks with the lifers from Texas.

I’m torn about encouraging him to pursue any of these women because even though I’d like him to be happy and move on, knowing what a piece of shit he is I feel that I am betraying women kind by taking any part in their destruction. And a relationship with him if she even has one liberal bone will result in her moral demise.

It’s not easy missing someone you hate.


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