912. Tis the season to be kind of jolly

I was just talking to Julie on the phone and saying that my career as a writer is at a stand still. I haven’t even written my blog for awhile because my life is so boring.

Then I realized that tonight is my building’s Christmas party so I could write about that. I hung up.

I go to the party every year. I am the absolute worst at parties. I hate making small talk and if I wanted to hang out with anyone in my building I’d probably know their names. I’ve only been living here since 1976.

For the past few years I went with David.

Each year I made him promise not to leave my side because as I just said I have no small talk ability but because he’s a real charm boat when it comes to talking to strangers as soon as we’d reach the lobby he dropped me like a hot potato, something that seems to be the story of my life.

So tonight I’m going alone. I’m having a drink now so my personality will be better.

I will probably talk to my friend Jeffrey who’s always nice to me and then I’ll wander over to my super and his wife. I really like them but they may not be that crazy about me any more because every time I see their little kids in the lobby I tell them that their parents are buying them ponies for Christmas.

The party will start in about 22 minutes. I think I won’t post this until I come home.

I’ll take a few photos so you will get a peek of the festivities.

I’m back. It’s 7:02. I left the apartment at 6:41.

I ate dinner and took some pictures.


get-attachment-2My Super, Lester

get-attachment-4My Super’s wife, Alba

get-attachment-5A kid that’s going to be so disappointed on Christmas morning. I hope he didn’t ask Santa for hay.

get-attachment-3His sister. I hope she’s smarter than the boy.

11 thoughts on “912. Tis the season to be kind of jolly

  1. You are a good sport! Wish I had gone with you too!! Barry & I got a good laugh seeing the pictures and you got the photo’s & partied in like 22 minutes! I am sure you are home and happy to back with Ray in your cozy apt. You have to get yourself & maybe with Steff out here to Portland, we will throw a party in your honor!! Don’t stop writing!!

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