914. Friends from another land, Mars.

I know you all miss David. I do too.

He made for an interesting blog.

He was certainly colorful. He was unapologetic about being who he is, a right wing, some kind of Catholic religion, I forget which one, gun owner.

I think he misses my writing about him too. I talk to him every day mostly and he tries to tell me something that he thinks I might want to write about.

Why just tonight he said that the local Houston paper had an article about how the workers from some City agency were asking to carry guns to work.

I explained that I write from the point of view of a New Yorker. We New Yorkers just assume that all Texans want to carry guns. It’s not news to us.

It’s like we wouldn’t be surprised if the devil wanted to do something mean.

But then he said something that did surprise me.

He was laughing his head off about Trump saying that Hillary was shlonged by Obama and I asked him if he would vote for Trump over Hillary.

“Of course” he said.

“All kidding aside, you would?”

“Shlonged?” and you could hear him rolling with laughter.

“David I’m serious. You aren’t stupid. You are one of the smartest stupid people I know. You really would vote for that idiot over Hillary?”

He wouldn’t stop laughing.

I let it go.

I didn’t want to know the answer.



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