915. Sweet wishes from a not so sweet girl

You’ll be glad to know that Captain Hugh is still kicking. 

When he missed Thanksgiving I was sure he’d met his maker but no.

He called his morning but his voice was so faint that I couldn’t understand him.

He’s going to have his niece call me back. I’m always happy to hear from him even though I do have to pay for the honor.

I got a birthday card from my ex sister in law Judy today. Since she’s the only person that sends me birthday cards so I’m dreading the day when someone tells her that dave and I are divorced.

I’ll have to make this short because I’m going to Julie’s to celebrate Santa’s coming.

Tomorrow Miss Liz has invited Julie and me to her house for Christmas so I really have this holiday covered.

Now to all the people who read this blog except for a few, you know who you are, I wish you all everything you wish for yourselves.

I am grateful to every person who comments on my blog except maybe the babe that called me a racist and the one who said because I mentioned Jesus that she hopes I burn in hell, not youse, but I wish the rest of you a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year!! 

10 thoughts on “915. Sweet wishes from a not so sweet girl

  1. Aw Mattie! Happy to hear that you did hear from Captain Hugh. Your Christmas does sound like it is going to be lovely. Congratulations to Liz on her new home and best wishes to you for the most funniest (don’t care if that’s not a word) ever. Give Julie and big hug from me when you see her and know that I’m giving you a big happy Christmas hug as well. xo

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