916. I live with the Grinch

Well someone had a Christmas tantrum today.

I bought him a new sweater and he wouldn’t even try it on.

“It’s too girly. It’s pink!!!”

I tried to tell him what my sister Marcia said when we picked it out. If you’re confident of your masculinity you can wear anything.

“It’s not pink! It’s salmon!   The Rock wears salmon. Just come out here and try it on”

He wouldn’t budge


Maybe you can tell me what’s “girly” about this sweater?girl sweater

3 thoughts on “916. I live with the Grinch

  1. Cheers, L’Chaim, Merry and now let’s move on to the New Year and your Birthday! I wish you nothing but the best! I do have to say and I don’t get into the gender color thing, but that sweater is a tad girly, it’s beautiful & looks very cozy and warm, maybe it’s the ruffle part around the buttons? Curious how other will chime in and please send a picture of Ray once you hold him down to get it on before he wiggles out of it.

  2. It’s an adorable sweater! I’m sure Raymond will eventually get used to it and wear it with pride. Once he does, you will have to get used to people stopping you on the street when out walking with Raymond and asking “what a sweet little dog, what’s her name?” Hope you had a lovely Christmas celebration Mattie.

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