917. All Doggy News

I know you’ve all been waiting to see how Ray looks in his new sweater.

It’s been so warm that I didn’t want to make him less receptive to his new dud by stuffing him into it and making him sweat.

Today the temp hit a low of 38 so when we got dressed to go on our morning walk I got his new sweater out and put it on him before he could complain.

It would have been fine if the wall in the hall wasn’t mirrored.

He flatly refused to look at me.

wouldn't look

I put on his leash and we got into the elevator.  Still snubbing me.

snub me

But as soon as he hit the street and smelled all his favorite smells and saw the admiring glances that came his way he was his own self.

happy boy

See the jaunty turn of his ankle?

In other dog news……

David went on a date last night and the woman’s dog ate his glasses.

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