918. Ray’s Revenge

I did the New Years Eve equivalent of an old jews early bird dinner.

I celebrated last night.

Julie and Dan came over. We had cocktails and snacks (because I know how to entertain and you never go out to eat hungry unless someone you don’t care about is footing the bill) then we went to dinner at Chef Ho’s.

Since Julie and Dan are Ray’s favorite people he was ecstatic. He ran around the house getting all  of his ropes and toys to entertain them. More about this later.


We chatted and laughed, because that’s what we do.  After about an hour we had a nice buzz on so it was time to go to dinner.

I don’t want to criticize but I made an announcement that the minute I tell Ray we’re going we must all shoot out the door.

Don’t you know that I tell Ray “You stay” and look around only to notice that  Julie and I had our coats on but Mr. Dan chose that time to go to the bathroom.

This forced me to endure Ray’s stunned  face for what seemed like an hour while Dan apparently took the amount of time one would need to shower and shave and get a haircut to take a piss.

I knew I was going to pay for that and I did.

We had a wonderful dinner and loads of laughs. I almost forgot how I’d left things at home.

When I opened the door of my apartment my dog was on the couch covered with pillows. He looked up accusingly and put his head right down again.

No hello for me.

In fact I slept alone until about midnight when he decided I’d suffered enough and snuck his little hot body under the sheets.

He still was a little pissy this morning but I’m hoping we can have a fresh start in 2016.

Happy New Year everyone!


19 thoughts on “918. Ray’s Revenge

  1. Happy New Year Mattie—–wishing you a wonderful, happy and fun 2016….. XOCarol PS: Wishing the same to Ray, too.

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