919. Fuck you 2016

I had to take Ray to the vet today.

He’s been rubbing his ear lately. Not a lot because he’s not a complainer.

I picked this vet scientifically. I asked a strange woman who had 2 unruly dogs who her vet was.

Also this vet was listed with the papers that came with Ray from the pound as one of the ones that would give a free exam within a week after I got him.

I went there and they were very nice. When I got in the room with my boy the vet was very sweet. She kept praising me for adopting an older dog.

She also chatted way too much.

I was in the room with my dog for a good hour while she told me how cute he was and asked me questions about why I got him.

The whole time Ray was shaking in my arms and licking me effusively in hopes to ingratiate himself so I would take him home.

Do I need to tell you how I was feeling?

It turned out that Ray had infections in both ears but before she would treat them the vet wanted to give me the cost of the treatment.

I wanted to kill myself for waiting so long.

I said “Just fix this. I don’t care what it costs.” but she didn’t listen.

While I sat in the room with shake shake shake kiss kiss kiss.

I could hear her telling the girl in the next room how cute her dog is and small talking enough to make me wish I was in Texas so I could pull a gun and force this babe to fix my dog’s ears.

She finally came back with a list of what she could possibly do for me. It was everything from the ears to cosmetic  surgery which added up to over $900.

I selected a rabies shot and fixing his ears which came to $300.

She did these things and gave me drops to put in his ears for the next 14 days.

We left and Ray danced home.

He walked in the door. Ray ate his food and jumped on the couch.


It’s evening now. I’m going to take a tranquilizer and try to forget this day.

2016 sucks already.


4 thoughts on “919. Fuck you 2016

  1. We hope you feel better soon Ray! Remember, your human is putting those drops in your ears to help you…!

  2. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Poor Raymond and poor you. Not a profitable way to start off the New Year. I remember when our Max had a yeast infection in his ear and the medication was very expensive. Hoping that the drops clear up Raymond’s infection and that you don’t have to get a refill!

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