920 Tomorrow is my birthday

I was just walking Ray and thinking about my birthday.

Am I sad that dave isn’t here?

Then I started thinking. He never remembered my birthday unless I reminded him about it and didn’t do much to celebrate it.

My family always did. Even though I’m at an age where I’m not that happy about a new birthday, my family always makes a big deal about it.

So I don’t have dave but I have a lot of people that I love and that love me and I have a dog who acts like every day is my birthday so I think I’m pretty lucky.

I had a cocktail with David today while he was driving home from work.

I asked him to live by my time because I’m sick and tired of the time difference. I can’t live by his time because I get thirsty.

He said no.

What a fuck.

15 thoughts on “920 Tomorrow is my birthday

  1. Happy birthday, Mattie! May your special day, and the whole year long, bring you hot and laughter. Thanks for this blog, which has been a delight. I look forward to reading it whenever I can!

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