921. Yep I had a good birthday

I knew it was going to be a great night so I started preparing early. I even polished my nails red.

I kept trying to get some praise from Ray about how they looked but he was so not interested.

He’s all “me me me”. He  knew his two cousins, were coming for  a sleepover and he was busy hiding his tows and ropes.


It turned out the night was great. We went to a fabulous restaurant and every place I looked there was someone I love.


I want to thank everyone who sent me kind wishes and now I’m going to plan my year.

First I’m going to see what I can do about getting rid of that Trump guy.

9 thoughts on “921. Yep I had a good birthday

  1. Dear Mattie,
    Belated Happy Birthday. I love the nails. I’m holding my brand new little grandson, Charlie, and hoping he doesn’t have to grow up in the same world that includes that Trump fella. Do your best, cause I think he’s the worst!
    I’m not sure but I think I used too many commas in this comment. Oh, well…

  2. So happy to hear your day was as special as you are!! Great pictures, your nails beautiful, Ray’s backside nice and the dinner photo, such a fun group to spend the evening with!! I am with you on your plans for the coming year, we all need to do something about that “Bump” oops – F–king trump!

  3. HAPPIEST BELATED BIRTHDAY, MATTIE!!!! Meant to send you Birthday greetings yesterday, but —me and my memory that is a thing of the past (bad joke!) —-forgot! sounds like you had a great birthday!!! More good stuff to come in 2016!! with love, Carol

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