928. I want to thank my sisters

For all my nephews and nieces.

Ray and I spent the night up at my niece Stephanie’s house. She and her sweet husband Terry had just come back from Thailand and I wanted to hear all about it.

I’ve spoken about Steph quite a bit in this blog. She’s my sister Iris’ daughter.

I always said that being close to Iris made me very proud because it was like being friends with a cobra.

Steph is truly her daughter. She does have some sharp edges.

Examples: My dog Ray isn’t used to being in the country and all that running around makes him sleepy.

Steph Terry and I were watching a movie last night and Ray couldn’t help but snore, a sound that is music to my ears.

Well you would think that the house was falling down by the amount of snotty remarks coming out of Stephanie while Sweet Terry just turned the TV up a bit louder.

Finally we (me and Ray) retired to our bedroom never learning whether Sandra Bullock’s guy was going to win the election.

It’s common knowledge in our family that Steph can be “difficult”. The family was all at my house and Steph asked her sister Laura’s son to bring her some more ice for her drink. He suggested that she just hold the drink against her heart and that should do it.

I could go on and on. I won’t mention the time she time she punched someone on her bowling team in the stomach because they lost because what’s the point since I love her more than life itself.

And she loves me. I know because any time I’m looking at all feeble she turns on me like a viper because she’s afraid I’ll die. At least that’s why I think she does it.

Anyway I must show you these photos from her trip.

She was at an elephant sanctuary. See if you note anything cute in these pictures.

s&t elephant

Steph and Terry and friends

St and baby e

steph, monkey

Other than the Sandra Bullock mixup which bummed me out the rest of the visit was great.

Oh wait, there was  one small glitch for Ray.

Somehow we forget to set for him at breakfast.

ray lunch

But when we did at dinner he didn’t like what we were serving.mad dog

Maybe he should be Stephanie’s dog.

15 thoughts on “928. I want to thank my sisters

  1. You are such a wonderful writer, Mattie. And f-ing hilarious. Always. Why isn’t this all in a book? you deserve it! love, Carol

  2. I love your blog! Always makes me smile. I agree with previous comment. You should seriously consider putting these together in a book. You have a real gift for writing. 😊


  3. Hilarious. I can not see too many pictures of baby elephants, and your photos of Ray at table are particularly wonderful.

  4. It has taken me about six weeks, but I’ve now read your blog from the beginning, and am all caught up. I learned of your blog from the blog I Don’t Hate It, where she mentioned you and Julie. I enjoy your writing so much. Maybe because we’re the same age. You are thirteen days older than I am, so I will always bow to your wisdom.

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