930. A Personal Note To My Readers

I know the people who read my blog want nothing more than for me to be happy (except for that piece of shit that called me a racist and the religious bitch that said I would go to hell) which is why I’ve gotten several comments and emails stating that they are so glad that I’ve found my one true love, Ernie.

Although I know that Ernie would like nothing more than to leave his young beautiful wife for a 72 year old temptress with bad knees, I’m afraid it is not to be.

First of all I’m holding out for Prince. Second of all, well there is no second of all. It’s Prince or nothing.

But I will say that talking to him yesterday felt like old times. I swear that guy has not changed a bit.

He was married to his first wife when I knew him. We almost spoke about our divorces. Well he did. He  only wanted a thumbnail sketch of mine. He doesn’t like to talk about anything that will bring him down. and he made it very clear that he had no interest in staying in touch if I wasn’t over the grieving process for my marriage.

He told me one short story that is Ernie in a nutshell.

When he was divorcing he had to stay in the house for I think over a year. He was sleeping on the couch for awhile when he realized that that wasn’t acceptable so he took his pillow and blanket and marched up to the bedroom. When his wife asked what he thought he was doing he said “Who said you get the bedroom?” and got into bed.

His wife slept on the sofa until they were divorced.

That’s from being a detective. He knows how to solve a puzzle, the puzzle being he didn’t like the couch.

So my devoted readers, Ernie and I sailing into the sunset is not the happy ending you were hoping for.

Oh yeah and he’s voting for Trump.

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