935. Verizon can kiss my ass

Busy day today.

I’m giving Verizon the finger.

I haven’t had phone service for over a month. They said it would be 4 days when I first called. Now I’m living with only a cell phone just like the kids.

I’m not going to tell the whole boring story but when I complained that they sent me a bill anyway they said they would take their charges off but I still have to pay the taxes.

I’m calling Time Warner and getting that cable phone.

Next month my blog title will be Time Warner can kiss my ass.

David has to come to NYC tomorrow and he’s staying at my house.

I warned him not to try any funny stuff.  After all I am a woman alone and I just tweezed my eyebrows so I can’t take any chances.

I know he should be grateful but I’m expecting a whole lot of bitching.

He criticizes my cooking, my lack of tidiness, even my peignoirs.

He insists that even without holes my big tee shirts should be called “sleepwear”. What a hick. They are Ralph Lauren. They are referred to as “distressed”.

Love and kisses, Mattie

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