956 There is no joy in Mudville

But it wasn’t mighty Casey who struck out.

She stood with dignity against taunts about her family.

She waited for her chance to speak while the Other sent threats her way.

She listened while her years of public service were ridiculed and ignored.

She responded to hate and division with promises of working together and remaining great.

She heard the Other call her a criminal for using the wrong email while he proudly boasted about assaulting women against their will.

She responded to blatant lies with truths.

She gathered her friends and admirers to help her explain the wonderful plans she had for Muddville while he stood alone because even those who put him there didn’t want to be seen with him.

No it wasn’t Casey who struck out.

It was Muddville.

She was just too good for Muddville which turned out to be a dumber and meaner place than she thought.

24 thoughts on “956 There is no joy in Mudville

  1. Wonderful post, in tribute to a wonderful woman. I am still in shock (in Canada). Last night I was awake every hour, and checked the internet to see if it was true. Sadly, it was. I will admit to crying. A lot. And waking up this morning felt like I have been thrust into a strange dystopian universe where I don’t belong, and don’t recognize anyone. Thank you for these words – they touched my heart.
    PS – I still have a basement guest area for you and Ray, if you decide to flee. πŸ™‚

    • He already packed his bones and his bed but I’m trying to convince him to wait it out and see what happens. it’s nice to know we have a place to run to. I envy you the pride you must have in your leader. We had that with Obama.
      I so appreciate you writing to me

    • Hopefully this will drive a least a few of the leftist Hollywood nitwits out. Trump should buy them 1 way tickets to Venezuela.They as a group are such hypocrites though they’re not going anywhere!

  2. Hi Mattie, this says it all. I’m worried for myself, my friends and their children.

    I’m not worried at all about my family since they chose to vote for The Other. I highly doubt they’re going to like what they got.

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