959 General kvetching

I live 4 blocks from trump Tower.

Every time that fat schmuck goes anywhere the traffic is held up and a million cars with flashing red lights go flying past my house. They even have an ambulance in case he gets a burger stuck in his throat.

I wear my Hillary tees quite a bit so whenever this parade goes and I’m walking Ray I open my shirt so that he can note my disapproval .

I did have  a nice weekend though. I went up to Steph’s house to mind her animals. She has

2 dogs

3 cats

2 donkeys

2 horses

I have to give the horses and donkeys lunch and dinner.

At lunch time I bring a big bunch of hay out to them and put it in specific spots for them to dine. The horses have no respect for me and they push me around.

One of them, I won’t mention any names,


started eating the hay while it was in my arms thereby ignoring my “Down Boy!” instructions.

The donkeys were pretty well behaved but  when I wanted to take a picture WITH one  of them he made it pretty clear that he was a solo act.


The only one that was appreciative was the barn cat who greeted me warmly each time I went down to give them all dinner.


Ray, on the other hand thought all these guys were well, animals.

He expected his lunch to be served properlyray-lunch

Oh there is one more thing. Having a blog is a big burden because you have to be truthful even if it mars you for life. So here goes…

I had  the beginnings of a sex dream with donald trump.

Luckily I woke up screaming before we “did it” but I’m still going to hell anyway.

12 thoughts on “959 General kvetching

  1. Did you know you can buy toilet paper on eBay that has Trump’s face printed on it? Think of the possibilities……not to mention a whole new perspective regarding the phrase “Dump Trump”.

  2. Okay two things from the Pacific NW, where it is very cold and snowy~The British word for trump is Fart!! It is true! Mattie I love the pictures of the farm animals and Ray! But the dream part, well I had a hard time with that ~ NOT MY PRESIDENT!! Gonna miss Obama in so many ways~

  3. Mattie, I think you have a doppelganger here in North Carolina. I saw a woman walking on the sidewalk, drinking a can of beer, who looked just like you. But then I realized it couldn’t be you because Ray wasn’t there! 🙂

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