963. Yes I marched

And so did Ray.

It did something very important for me. It lifted the gloom that I have felt since the election.

And the gloom was well founded with the tweets, cabinet possibilities and “Alternative facts”. It was even worse than I feared.

But standing with all those women and seeing that women all over the world were standing up cheered me.

I’ve done a lot of demonstrating in my life. Some of them were scary with police in riot gear and echoes of Kent State in my mind.

But some were like this one. march-cop

This has to be only the beginning.

Ah shit. I just realized that I’m probably going to have to leave my house again.

I hate that.



12 thoughts on “963. Yes I marched

  1. As a fellow introvert, I feel ya. I saw lots of signs that expressed our feelings. Like “I hate crowds, but I hate Trump more.” “Even the introverts are here.” “I can’t believe I still have to protest this shit.” And so on. At least you can bring Ray with you. My cat says oh hell no.

  2. What a great photo! I’m proud of you for joining the march, Mattie. You rock! I would have gone to a march, had we had one in our city – but I was there in spirit! Hugs from Canada.

  3. Great picture of you & Ray!! And what a beautiful turn-out, even here in Portland Or, as my friends & I celebrated each very soaking wet step (PDX ladies aren’t gonna let the Rain stop us!) XOX – Teresa

  4. I walked in Los Angeles. My favorite sign said, “You know things are bad when even the librarians are marching”. (I’m a librarian,) I just want you to know that I’ve read your post on the election so many times in the past few months. It always makes me feel less alone. Thank you.

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