974. I’m not going to be sad any more

My new attitude might have started with a pie which shows how incredibly shallow I am.

GB Prado sent me a pie. Not just a pie. A beautiful pie. It’s not like she has nothing much to do.

I watch her on TV all the time. AND she has a million animals plus a goose.

(Because of her  I got a bee, Howard. I haven’t seen him for awhile but he’s somewhere in my house.)

As busy as she is she sent me a pie. (see pie)


And tonight Julie and Dan are coming over for dinner and I will give them each a sliver of pie.

I know that sounds selfish since Julie has been limping around left and right in an attempt to cheer me up but who am I? Mother Teresa?

My other niece Stephanie called me a little while ago.

Usually she sprinkles her calls with criticism since she’s mean as a snake but today she told me about taking the woman, Eloise, who helps her with her horses out to a fancy lunch and she bought her a bunch of warm clothes.

This woman is such a good person. She saves a loads of animals and is very poor. When Stephanie’s cat died at the vet’s, Stephanie was heartbroken.

The vet asked if she wanted the dead cat and Steph said no.

Eloise went back to the vet and got the cat and buried it on her property. She knew it would make Steph happy and it did.

There is so much good in the world.

Even the death of my little dog won’t bring me  down.

He died in a warm house with a full belly in his sleep. From the time he came off death row to my home he was loved beyond measure.

I’m going to dwell on that and be happy.


I’ve already started rehearsing Bruno Mars’ dance moves from “Uptown Funk”. I should be ready to perform by a week from Tuesday.

And I have pie.


15 thoughts on “974. I’m not going to be sad any more

  1. Great attitude! And the goodness of people and good pies make the world a happier place! I love this new revelation of yours. I now feel better too!!!

  2. My cat Joseph died unexpectedly curled up on my bed when I was out for dinner one evening. When he wasn’t running toward the front door, skidding on the wood floor for the last few feet to excitedly greet me as he usually did I knew something was wrong, and I found him still warm with his brother cat Otis nearby. Joseph, who hated vets, died in his own home at the end of a happy day. He’d eaten his breakfast with his usual gusto, napped in the sunshine, and happily eaten his afternoon snack before I went out in the evening. He’d had a happy life from the moment I took him and Otis home from the cat fosterer who’d rescued them both from death row. I was glad he died warm and safe in the home he loved after a good day. I think it’s the same for Ray and you.

    Enjoy your GB Prado pie. Circa 2010, I met a young woman on Twitter who had never had pumpkin pie. Shocked by this, I ordered a pumpkin pie from GBP’s then-bakery to be sent to her. To my good fortune, the bakery mixed up the billing and shipping addresses and I received the Best Pumpkin Pie I’ve Ever Eaten. My mom’s pumpkin pie was superb. GBP’s was better, pie and crust. Even my mom would have agreed. GBP graciously sent a separate pie to the young woman who’d never had pumpkin pie, and the pie at my house was savored by me and a few lucky friends. (I ate most of it, and I’m glad I did.) I’ll never forget the beauty and goodness of that pie. The clever, attractive way it was wrapped for shipping so the pie crust stayed intact was wonderful all on its own.

    Ray and you were lucky to find and love each other; the memories of the good and happy life you shared are the important part. You’ll miss him, but the love of your family and friends (actual and virtual) will get you through.

    You Smiths and Klams inspire me. I’m glad to know you and watch you illustrate that love begets love. At some point, Julie made me an honorary member of your extended family, and it’s at times like this I feel the honor of that. Please give Dan and Julie a hug and a kiss from me and tell them I miss them.

    Sending you admiration and love from the Left Coast.

  3. I love your attitude and spirit. It’s a reminder to us all to try and find the silver lining in every storm cloud. You’re 100% right, Ray was a very lucky boy, even to the last second to be able to die peacefully in his sleep. You can’t ask for more than that. Thank you for your inspirational post.

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