980. Deja Vu

I really believe that my generation stopped the Viet Nam War. Well me and Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

This generation will have a profound effect on gun violence.

It it is for that reason I dragged my bad knees over to The High School of Art & Design to stand with the kids that are going to come out of their classes to demonstrate their support of meaningful gun control.

I got there at about 9:45.

Nothing doing.  I knew I’d write a blog about it so I took a few pictures.

Here’s the front door.


I was a little nervous because my brain isn’t so great any more and I was worried that I had the wrong day but I was cheered up by the arrival of another neighbor who was smart enough to bring herself a chair


I also noticed a plaque on the front of the school


Since I know a great deal of pig latin I was able to translate this for the others as “Never spell stuff wrong”

Then the kids started coming out.

strt walk

The two other people and me waiting for them cheered and clapped.


One of their teachers stood outside giving them the “thumbs up”.

teacher giving thumbs up

My niece who usually won’t give me the time of day smiled when she saw me and let me hug her while whispering  “I’m so proud of you”.


Even though I was sobbing my head off she told her friends “That’s my aunt”

I stayed until the school emptied.. The plan was to walk around the block and return to school.

Crying the whole way I was only able to pull myself together at the make up section of Bloomingdales where I had to exchange a lipstick I bought.

It was too dull.

What do you think of this one?


Cheerful huh?

12 thoughts on “980. Deja Vu

  1. I’m so glad you ended this post with lipstick. It’s what’s drying up my tears, too. I’m so incredibly proud of this generation of game-changers.

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