981. About A Dog

David called me the other day to tell me that  he’s dating a Jewish girl.

I’m so glad to hear it in spite of the fact that by the third date she’s gonna have to say 100 Jewish prayers and eat 1000 pieces of gefilte fish to make up form dating him after he “accidentally” tells her about his feelings that Jews are cheap because they’re “good with money” which she should take as a compliment since he would no sooner say that Mexicans are thrifty than that Jews are lazy,

This will be a slight change in our convo since I’m sick to death about hearing about his one Jewish friend ‘Something” Stein who lives in some jewish sounding town. I forget the name. I think it’s Kiketown, Texas.

Speaking of dogs, David keeps suggesting that I get another dog. I’m thinking about it.

ONLY THINKING so don’t start sending me pictures of dogs.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

  1. I feel much freer now.  When people (I only have Susan, Ronnie and my family that would fall into my ‘people’ catagory) want me to do something first I hesitate then I realize that I don’t have anything tying me down so I can go.
  2. I can get the smaller steak because I don’t have to bring home some steak to my dog.
  3. When I had the flu I was so glad that I didn’t have a dog looking at me wanting to go out.

If I got a dog (I’m going to call him/her ‘it” for ease in writing this.

1 It would have to be little enough to fit in a bag so I could bring it with me everywhere because I’m crazy.

2. It would have to be lazy and want to lie around and not ask for too much activity because unlike the David’s Jews, I’m lazy.

3. It would have to want to sleep in my bed. I miss Ray every night.

4. It would have to have a terrible life so it would be glad to be with me. It took Ray a long time to love me and when I told Stephanie that she said “Maybe he didn’t think you saved him, maybe he thinks you took him”

I’m looking at this list and I’m thinking

  1. maybe I should get a snake
  2. I’m crazier than I thought I was.

3 thoughts on “981. About A Dog

  1. I think a dog named Snake would accomplish names and not a need for a snake. You already had enough snakes in your life. I know that your reading would get back on track with your long dog walks (and necessary exercise). Who wouldn’t be grateful for your love and kindness (especially four legged lovers).

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