982. Who Says I Can’t Still Get a Man?

I’m on my way to TJMaxx. I need a few things.

Waiting for the light to change I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around. It’s a guy who lives on my block.

I can’t say time has been kind to him. He walks with a cane and he appears to have given his teeth up for Lent.

“Barbara?” he asks

“No Mattie”

“How do I know you.?”

“Well you’ve lived on my block for  40 years. I once drove you to Queens. I usually  have a dog with me.”

“How’s your husband?”

“He ran away”

“Listen Barbara, I was invited to a wedding. Wanna go?”

“I’m so sorry I can’t”

“You sure?”


He didn’t say anything he just turned and  left.

I still got it.

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