999. I don’t mean to brag but…..

Look, I know that I haven’t written in awhile but maybe I have more on my plate than usual.

My dog Debbie is really settling in. Now she only bites people at first meeting. Then….sweet as sugar.

I’m having a party next month and I’m a little nervous.  I hope there aren’t any litigious people coming.

Also Liz sold her apartment to a man who called me and Liz losers so I’m thinkin’ that he’s not gonna be a “live and let live” kinda guy.

I had gotten used to Debbie hiding food in my bed but this morning I found a piece of cucumber in my shoe. I hope I can live with that.

But enough complaining.

Last week I accidentally put my phone in a glass of water and the speaker part stopped working so I bought a new phone.

Don’t ask why I put it there. It was very late and I thought I was hanging it up. And let’s see if you don’t strange things when you’re 74.

Well the new phone arrived yesterday.  I opened the box and what did I see????

A WHITE PHONE!! The most beautiful phone I ever saw.  Of course in my youth you could get princess phones in any color but that hasn’t been the case since..I don’t know…FOREVER.


I’m sure that while you’re admiring my beautiful phone and being yes, a little jealous, you’re making snotty remarks about my coffee pot to take the sting off your poor sportsmanship.

Well my old lady coffee pot keeps my coffee hot all day. That is if I left it on all day what with me putting my phone in a glass of water shows that it’s more than likely I will.

But take THAT losers!!!



11 thoughts on “999. I don’t mean to brag but…..

  1. 1. That’s the GENIUS Farberware coffee pot – brews a cup-a-minute. 2. I hope Liz took loser guy to the cleaners. 3. Beauty tip: Train Debbie to put the cucumber slices on your eyes while you’re still sleeping. 4. I have a princess phone in my bedroom, but it’s beige. 5. Phone is adorable. Zol zein mitt gluck. ♥

  2. I love your coffepot. I believe it is a percolator. I had to go to ebay to find one. Have only used drip pots for years and decided I wanted to try perked coffee. Gave away my new drip pot and love the perked coffee – so much better. My mom loved perked coffee and now I know why. Enjoy your blog so much. I have 2 dogs and they rule my life, too.

    • It makes me so happy that you like my blog. If it makes you happy then you haven’t read it from the beginning. And yes I love my coffee pot. May I say that you are the only person that didn’t make fun of it.

  3. Your percolator is beautiful. I had a percolator from the from the 40’s or 50″, found and rescued when the old house where my office was located had a fire during the 1980s. I took it home and used it for years, until I married a coffee snob and we had to switch to pour-over coffee. I let him have his way because he got up early and brought me a cup every morning in bed.

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