1003. I am very mad at Bosch

It’s not new that I use my blog to complain.

Usually it’s about either someone I know or a dog that shows me no respect but not this time.

This time I am writing about my new dishwasher.

Why am I blogging about this? Because I’m telling on them!

On September 14th I sent the following letter to Bosch.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________

To whom it may concern

On October 17, 2017 I ordered a Bosch dishwasher from Sears.
This was on the recommendations of family and Consumer Reports.
Shortly after I got it my glasses started breaking on occasion.  I figured my glasses were too delicate but since there is a place for wine glasses on the top shelf I realized that that couldn’t be the case.
It continued happening even with hardier glasses.
After almost a year of this I decided to call Bosch customer service.
At first the woman on the line suggested that I wash my glasses separately but even she agreed with me that that didn’t make sense so she arranged for a repair man to come to my house.
He came yesterday.
He said that the water in my building was too hot.
He then turned off the heat on the drying cycle.
He said let them dry naturally.
He also  suggested I don’t use the two longer cycles.
My response to all this was as follows:
1. If the water in the building was too hot then no dishwasher would work in this building.
2. I had had a Kitchen Aid dishwasher for about 20 years that never broke any of my glasses.

It doesn’t make sense to me that your advice is to not use several of the functions of this dishwasher as they are meant to be used.

I am attaching the information tags on the side of the dishwasher door and photos of my broken glasses.
I await your response to this query.
Yours very truly,
Mattie Matthews
I got no response.
Since no one else in my building is complaining about their glasses breaking in their dishwashers I have to assume that they made the water in my building boiling hot only in my apartment on the day before I got this new piece of shit.
Since the repairman turned off the drying element after its last cycle I now have wet dishes and I can only use a few of the cycles and I am not happy.
I want to apologize to all of my readers for giving them this whiny pissed off entry.
What do I want from you?
Pity and advice.
Love and kisses,

10 thoughts on “1003. I am very mad at Bosch

  1. I’m actually more than fine with your blog because my KitchenAid is on its last legs and I was thinking about a Bosch! Thank you!

  2. Sue the repairman, the company and your landlord for the boiling water only in your apt. Yeah, and sue anyone that you spoke to at the company. You’ll show those idiots a thing or two!

  3. You are absolutely right it is a great product and should work 100% for you without this problem!! They gave you a defective dishwasher.  Get Susan to yell at them lol

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  4. Escalate with Bosch. Tell them the repairman made no sense for the reasons you list here and you want a working dishwasher. Maybe Bosch should trade out you model for one that is kinder to your glasses? You’re within a year of purchase and have already worked with a Bosch repair person. I’d keep requesting a fix until I got it. You can continue to discuss this on your social media. I would hope Bosch would wish to make you a satisfied customer who would recommend them. It’s bad for them if they don’t do that as evidenced by the comments above. Good luck.

  5. Mattie I have a Bosch (my second) and love it. However Bosch sold to another company and since then their quality has declined according to complaints from several people. I’m praying mine lasts a long time. Don’t plan to buy another after reading this.

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