1003. I bet a bunch of people in my family wish I didn’t love dogs.

It’s that time of year.

My family from Israel came to visit. This year it was my nephew Yitzhak and 6 of his children.

They come every year to show their love for my sister Phyllis. They go to her grave and pray and speak to her.

I hope she knows how precious she still is to her children and grandchildren.


Each year I turn my house into a Glatt Kosher wonderland. Kosher food, paper plates, plastic silverware and pots and pans that my friend Susan and I bought in Brooklyn and had made kosher.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that they aren’t dog lovers but they seemed to really like Ray.

Debbie, not so much. It seems like they not only don’t like dogs they especially don’t like velociraptors.

She, when she wasn’t trying to bite them for what she considers unacceptable behavior like walking in  the house, standing up or looking her way, would pick the one who was most afraid of her and sit on their lap.


Look at the joy in my sweet niece’s face.

I tried my best to make her look less frightening.


That’s actually the dress she got for Julie’s wedding that she wasn’t invited to but as you can see it was $9 well spent.

Maybe she should wear it on Thanksgiving.

I’m thinkin’ that’ll be a bloodbath.


5 thoughts on “1003. I bet a bunch of people in my family wish I didn’t love dogs.

  1. But look how beautiful Debbie is! They need to tell her, sincerely, how truly lovely she is. And keep some chicken in their pockets.

  2. The love your family has for your sister is moving to witness. What a nice family you all are. Also, love the look on your niece’s face, and Debbie’s polka-dotted and bowed outfit.

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