1014. Remember when I used to have a good personality?

Well I don’t any more.

I haven’t written for my blog for a long time because every time I try to I fall asleep because I’m so boring.

And it’s not because I haven’t been doing stuff.

Since I last wrote I went to Italy with my sister, had a shitload of visitors and worked on my tap dancing program for Thanksgiving.

The last  one  is a lie but see how desperate I am to sound interesting?

First my trip to Italy.

It was good (See?)

The most glaring thing about it was when I looked at my pictures It became clear that I have totally given up.

Here is a picture of my sister Marcia.

Every day she had on another matching beautiful outfit. Even her jewelry matched.


Here I am on that very same day getting ready to share the fun with her.


If you’re wondering where I got that gorgeous dress (I like to call it a dress) you can look on the animal rescue web site.  The cost barely crosses double digits.

I had some very famous visitors too.

Carmon and Kathy Deleone spent a long weekend with me. He is the conductor of the Cincinnati Ballet Company.

I’d like to note that he at least seems to know my worth as you’ll see what he wrote to me in the copy of the painting that hangs in the Music Hall in Cincinnati.


Shit it came out backwards. See I’m not lyin’.  I’m a waste of space

They even took me to see “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” on Broadway. That made me happy.


But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Carmon, or Maestro, as he likes to be called, is a little on the selfish side. I guess fancy people don’t need to share.


I think I’ll include a picture of my dog helping the guys in my building take out some old chairs.  I already put it on Facebook but hey I’m running on empty.


Talk to you later.

12 thoughts on “1014. Remember when I used to have a good personality?

  1. Please tell ♥Debbie♥ that chocolate is very, very bad for dogs! (Cats too.) So happy to have you posting again Mattie! Missed you like crazy. P.S. I need that “gown” thanks for mentioning the source.

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