3/17/20 The end is near

Nah it isn’t really but it did get your attention.

Although life is certainly different.

I’m doing what I can to get us through this. It isn’t easy with Bravo not recording any new episodes etc.

After watching that opera singer in Italy singing on his balcony to raves and applause and hearing my friend Claudia Glaser Mussen, who’s the best singer I know and I know Paul Simon, state that she’s going to sing on her balcony to entertain the neighbors I realized it was my civic duty to give back.

I’ve been tap dancing on my terrace for the last half hour. You’re welcome 58th Street.

As another good will thing I encouraged people in these down times to read my blog from the beginning.

That may seem self serving but as you know no one cracks me up like me so in my mind it’s an act of charity.

Yep I’ve always been a giver. In fact just to cheer everyone up in these trying times I tried to take a picture of Debby wearing glasses but that didn’t work out.


So here she is just waking up and asking me where I get the nerve to try that shit with her.


That’s all I have for you today.

tap tap tappity tap.

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