3/18/20 I’m gonna write a bit more often…

While I still can.

After all I’m 76 and have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel.

I’m being careful though.

I only go out once a day to walk my dog.

While I’m walking I scream at all the workmen I pass “Don’t be kissing me?”

Sure they have puzzled looks on their faces now but pretty soon old people will be like pedal pushers. They’ll be very rare and a delight to come upon.

I’m just jumping ahead of the curve.

Who knows when I’ll see anyone in my family.

I tried face time with Julie the other day but if you’re not used to it it isn’t a comfortable experienced.

We just looked at each other trying to think of something momentous to say.

I did learn one thing. If I do it again I’m going to comb my hair.

I will end this with a lovely picture of my doorman (who’s no longer allowed to touch or look at me) in better days with Debby dressed to the nines.


8 thoughts on “3/18/20 I’m gonna write a bit more often…

  1. It takes a world crisis to get you writing again? Well fine, get your ass in gear and let your family know if you need toilet paper. I especially loved that you have to scream at workmen not to kiss you….this I can visualize!!!

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